Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord. ~Psalm 31:24

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Look at this Phenomenal Woman

Born Kyandra Cutwright on March 12,1981, introduced to the rap world in 2008 as MISSKEY. MISSKEY was raised in Knoxville TN in a city that is just as hard as any. Despite being from "the hood" and around everything that comes with it MISSKEY always had a vision. brought up by her mother and grandmother she watched her mother work 10-12 hour shifts to take care of her family as she still does to this day. "Key" as she called by friends and family used seeing that as motivation to strive for something better and wanted more out of life. But nothing more than making things easier for her family and most of all making it to where her mother doesn't have to work anymore. Dancer, writer, rapper, promoter MISSKEY has many titles but none more important than mother. To a smart beautiful eight year old daughter named Kyiala. MISSKEY has been dancing since she was five years old. She has always had a passion for entertaining. She studied modern dance, west African dance, was a dancing doll, part of the hip-hop dance team and in the band all at Austin East Magnet High School where she graduated from in 1999. She moved to Nashville TN, shortly after to attend Tennessee State University to study business and fashion merchandising. After a year of college as fate would have it she got pregnant and was blessed with a baby girl. She moved back to Knoxville to raise her daughter with the baby's father. A few years later she got into promoting shows in the local clubs and also areas in Mississippi. Bringing artist like Rick Ross, OJ da Juice man, and legendary Memphis TN, rapper Playa Fly to name a few.Always having a knack for writing poems and even her own movie scripts but never thought of rapping. MISSKEY seen how promoting and rapping could go hand in hand. After endless writing and practice getting her flow tight she decided to hit the booth and it seemed to come natural to her. With numerous performances notable one such as opening for Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, La Chat, and OJ da Juice man which she also promoted the show. MISSSKEY describes her style as sexy and cool sort of like the TLC feel of whom she was a huge fan of growing up.Other influences like Aaliyah, Da Brat, Lil Kim, Mia X, La Chat, Trina, Beyonce, and Khia. Putting out her first mixtape in 2009 titled "The Other Woman". While building her buzz in the city she was awarded indie female artist of the year 2009 at the KnocdownIndieAwards in Memphis TN. Just a taste of things to come for the born star. Set to drop her first album "MATER*REAL GIRL" and learning more and more about the business perfecting her craft, MISSKEY is ready to take music career and 2FLY ENT. imprint to the next level. Sky's THE LIMIT*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

real thoughts: What did you expect?

real thoughts: What did you expect?: "In a time where we care more about what goes on our bodies then what happens to them When we care more about the next big thing then what is..."


The purpose of this blog is not only to promote my clothing line. It is to encourage other women to live their dreams and do what they love. I would love feed back telling me what you think on any of the post. I want to discuss Women's issues and be a voice of encouragement. The Phenomenal Women clothing line stemmed from a Women's empowerment group started March 12 in Knoxville, TN. The group was called Phenomenal Women. We met once a month and discussed issues that we faced every day as women, mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters etc.. We all have so many roles and balancing them all can be a challenge. Since then I quit my job and moved my family to Nashville, TN in hopes to live my dreams and leave a legacy for my children that all things are possible to him or her who believes. January 22, 2011 the Phenomenal Women of Nashville was formed which is also a women's empowerment group that focuses on out reach to people in need.
                                                    Phenomenal Women Mission Statement

To empower women to fulfill their God given purpose while reaching out to others who are struggling to find their way. We serve as a support group, prayer group, and encouraging voice to ALL who express a need.
We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and through him we can do ALL things. We are leaders through humility, love, and encouragement. We seek to lift up Jesus and not ourselves. We represent the body of Christ.

You are Phenomenal!

Has anyone told you how phenomenal you are today? Phenomenal is defined as very remarkable, extraordinary, perceptible by senses or through immediate experience. Through immediate experience others will be able to see just how remarkable and extraordinary your are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are the original. You can't be copied. You were custom made and designed especially for your purpose in life.

Phenomenal Womens Clothing

Stand OUT in a crowd!
Phenomenal Women's Clothing is a clothing line that I designed for women who have problems finding cloths to fit the unique figure as well as their unique style. I specialize in Formal, Semi-formal, and Professional attire for women who wish to express their own sense of style. The "Cookie-cutter" image of women's clothing is out dated and boring. Bring spice to your wardrobe with a customized tailor-made design that shows the world exactly how phenomenal you are!
What set us apart from other clothing lines?
Phenomenal Women's clothing is above average because we do not order your designs from another company and resale it to you. All women are not the same therefore each design is as unique as the woman who will wear it. With Phenomenal Women's Clothing you will never have to worry about seeing someone with the same outfit that you have.
Choice is POWER
At Phenomenal Women seek to celebrate our individuality as women. We serve women of different shapes and sizes and collaborate with you to celebrate our differences as women. We serve women of different shapes and sizes and collaborate with you to create a design that is flattering to your figure as well as your budget. We specialize in Formal gowns, Bridesmaids dresses, Business casual suits and Formal suits. You choose the fabric, color, design, and embellishments that you desire. We also serve girls and young women for Easter and Prom dresses.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Does this describe you?

Phenomenal is defined as very remarkable, extraordinary, perceptible by senses or through immediate experience. Does that describe you? Don't you wish there was a clothing line that showcased how phenomenal you really are. There is a clothing line that through immediate experience others will be able to see just how remarkable and extraordinary you are. The Phenomenal Women clothing line does exactly that by designing custom hand made clothing to show off your personal style and your beautiful figure. We specialize in formal and semi-formal wear. You can also look phenomenal anywhere with our Phenomenal Woman T-shirts. You are phenomenal let the world know it too!